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Historical Society of 
Mount Airy, Maryland, Inc.

How Can I Help?

There are several ways you can help, with more to come:

1.  Donate now to the Historical Society directly, Go Fund Me, or in the Museum to preserve this centerpiece of our Historic District. Follow this link to our Go Fund Me page.. 

2. Come to the Mount Airy Museum and purchase a Flat Iron t-shirt or candle.

3. STAY INFORMED!  Check back on this site and on our Facebook page for information on fundraising and other efforts to save this iconic building. Since August of 2022, our fundraisers have earned over $17,000!  We are well on our way to saving this important part of Mt. Airy history!

4.  Stay tuned for more restaurant fundraisers. Thus far, restaurant fundraisers have earned us $615.61!  More to come soon.


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