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Archived News Stories

The stories below were previously featured on the website, and are stored here for your reference and enjoyment.

(April 2021)


New Mural Featured at Mount Airy’s Train Station Museum


    A new mural depicting Mt. Airy in the early 1900s now provides a backdrop to the model train display at the town’s museum.  Lisa Carnes, local artist, created the mural “over a couple of years,” as she says. It illustrates the view up North Main Street from the museum.  Included are Anderson’s General Store, Runkles’ houses and millinery, St. James Church, the Gartrell mansion, Fleming’s barn (burned in the fire of 1914), houses on Church Street, and the cherry trees along the old Cherry Orchard Road, now Prospect Road.

   Lisa used photographs of Mt. Airy at the turn of the century, provided to her by Historical Society President Mike Eacho. The scale fits the size of the model trains, a display which attracts a great deal of visitor attention at the museum.

   Larry Valett has created the train display, now featuring audio buttons that tell details about the railroad, vintage 1870 to 1915.


Larry Valett, Lisa Carnes and Mike Eacho standing in front of the Mount Airy Railyard model with the new mural painted by Lisa.

(July 2021)

Lieutenant Governor Boyd Rutherford visits historical society museum

The Historical Society Museum was honored with a visit by Lieutenant Governor Rutherford on July 21, 2021.  In addition to the Lieutenant Governor we also hosted the Honorable Secretaries: Carol Beatty, Secretary of Disabilities, David Brinkley, Budget Secretary, Wendi Peters, Special Secretary of Smart Growth and Mark Widmyer, 

Western Maryland Outreach Coordinator.   It was a pleasure to show off the museum and to share a glimpse of the history of Mount Airy.  The Historical Society was also able to express our appreciation to the Lieutenant Governor for the grants and bond bills that were approved to help fund the replacement of the museum roof, gutters, downspouts and snow guards and the pavilion that protects our beloved caboose, Mackenize from the elements.  

Historical Society President Mike Eacho greets Lt. Gov. Rutherford

Larry Valett demonstrating train layout and history of the town

(August 2021)

Historical Society Resumes Meetings

The Historical Society of Mount Airy, Maryland is pleased to announce that we will be resuming our monthly meetings beginning Tuesday, September 7, 2021 at 7pm in the lower level of the Mount Airy Volunteer Fire Company Building.  Our topic for September is the 20th anniversary of 9/11, presented by Larry Hushour, who is a pilot for Southwest Airlines.  For a schedule of our upcoming meetings, please check the Calendar of Events. 

We hope you will join us and participate in these interesting presentations and discussions. Meetings are scheduled for one hour, but may take longer depending on questions and discussion.