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Historical Society of 

Mount Airy, Maryland, Inc.

History of the Museum

The Mount Airy Museum was established in 1998 in the Main Street level of the Flat Iron Building by Mayor Gerald "Jerry" Johnson and Travis and Virginia Norwood.  In 2006, the museum was renovated to include better lighting, heating and air conditioning, and restroom facilities.  The reopening ceremony was conducted on October 10, 2006.  The ribbon was cut by Mr. Oscar Baker and Mrs. Pat Norwood.  Attending were the outgoing and incoming Mayors, James Holt and Frank Johnson; and Town Council Members, Peter Helt, Wendi Peters and Dave Pyatt.   Hosting were Historical Society President, Mike Eacho (not shown); Vice President, Pete Bowlus, Treasurer, Pat Norwood,Secretary, B.J. Dixon (not shown), and Clarice Runkles, board member (not shown).

The Mount Airy Museum Reopening Ribbon Cutting

In 2017, the Town of Mount Airy purchased the old Mount Airy Station as the new home for the Mount Airy Museum.  The old train station, located at 1 N. Main Street, was built in 1869.  The original, central portion was used as a freight house.  Additions were made to each of its ends in 1876.  A wooden passenger facility was added to the west end of the station in 1882. In the early 1900s the wooden passenger structure was replaced by the brick structure, which is now home to the Med One Mount Airy Pharmacy. 

The Mount Airy Station was designed by E. Francis Baldwin, railroad designer of trains and stations, including the stations at Sykesville, Ellicott City, Rockville, Gaithersburg and Brunswick.  The Mount Airy Station is a long single-story brick combination station, meaning it served both passengers and freight.  It has a fairly conventional single-story layout. The station includes rather ornate brickwork and wood roof braces, which can be seen on the station’s exterior.

Wooden passenger waiting room of Mount Airy Station circa 1900

Construction of the brick passenger waiting room circa 1904

now home to the Med One Mount Airy Pharmacy

Rear of Mount Airy Station circa 1900

Mount Airy Station circa 1940.

Renovation of the train station by the town began shortly after the purchase and continued through the summer of 2018.  The grand opening of the new Mount Airy Museum was held on August 26, 2018.  It was dedicated to Councilman Ken Phebus, who worked so hard to accomplish the purchase.  The opening ceremony included a ribbon cutting for the renovated train station.  This ribbon was cut by Mayor Pat Rockinberg and Town Councilmen Peter Helt, Bob King, Larry Hushour, Jason Poirier and former Councilman Ken Phebus.

Ribbon cutting for the new Mount Airy Museum was then conducted.  Cutting the ribbon for the museum grand opening was Mrs. Helen Simpson, Mr. Oscar Baker, Diann Linton, B.J. Dixon and Mike Eacho.  The ribbon was held by Councilmen Peter Helt and Larry Hushour.

The Mount Airy Station now provides a beautiful facility for the Mount Airy Museum to tell the history of our town.

Mount Airy Station Ribbon Cutting

Mount Airy Museum Ribbon Cutting

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