Historical Society of 

Mount Airy, Maryland, Inc.

Identified Photos

Thank you to our wonderful Mount Airy community.  Thanks to your input, the photos below have been identified.  Please let us know of any corrections needed by contacting us at the museum.

Lunch ladies of Mount Airy High School, 1954

Left to Right: Margaret Brown, Emma Twenty, Grace Arrington, Pauline Buckman

Womanless Wedding

3. Cast of Play in Mount Airy - 1950s_30

Front Row: Jerry Lowman, Oscar Baker, Butch Cantwell, Bob Riddlemoser, Warren Harrison, ??, Ray Grimes, Don Grigsby, Teen Smith, Dr. Full, Morley Harrison

Back Row: "Doc" Leggett, ??, Bob Buchman, Paul Lowman, Charlie Gendell, Tom Ogle, George Valentine, Ed Pusey,  Sterling Cullison, Francis Biddinger, Leonard Hoade, Ben Bryan, Preston Brown, Jack Steel