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Historical Society of 

Mount Airy, Maryland, Inc.

History of fires 

Mount Airy has had over 20 fires near, or along, Main Street in the 100 years of the 20th century. Many of the fires destroyed large portions of the town and were the result of negligence, unknown cause, or outright arson.

Prior to 1903, most buildings were timber-framed structures, which burned easily.  The Mount Airy winds helped spread fires and, until the construction of the Mount Airy ice pond, the town had an insufficient water supply to combat fires.

Pictured below are images captured of some of the earliest fires.

Come to the museum to learn more about our fires and how the town continued to rebuild and became the "town that wouldn't die."

bakery 1903 web.jpg

Bakery in 1903 fire

1925 Fire (1)_300.jpg

Aftermath of 1925 fire

1903 Fire - 1_300.jpg

1914 fire

1968 mill fire - 1 - adj.jpg

1969 Mill fire on Main Street

Information on the Mill fire can be seen in the Mills display.

Beyond the Museum

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