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Historical Society of 

Mount Airy, Maryland, Inc.


Mount Airy has been home to quite a few schools, including:

  • Parrsville One-Room Schoolhouse- circa 1870

  • Pine Grove Chapel (1846-1847) - one of the first schools in Mount Airy

  • St. James School (which housed Mount Airy Elementary grades 1-4) 1911-1912

  • Old Mount Airy School (1916-1935)

  • Mount Airy Elementary (1967-present in current location)

  • Mount Airy Middle School (1967- present)

  • Mount Airy High School (1912-1916 over old post office, 1935-1967 in what is now Mount Airy Elementary)

  • Parr's Ridge Elementary School (housing K-2, 2006-present)

  • Twin Ridge Elementary School (only Mount Airy school in Frederick County, 1992-present)


Come to the museum for further information on all of our fine local schools.

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